本文摘要:We lead, others copy.我们领先,他人仿效。

We lead, others copy.我们领先,他人仿效。(理规复印机)Impossible made possible.使不行能变为可能。(佳能)Take time to indulge.恣意享受吧!(雀巢)The relentless pursuit of perfection. (lexus)不懈追求完美。(凌志轿车)Come to where the flavour is.( marlboro country)惠临风姿之境——万宝路世界。

(万宝路)To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always color.对我而言,已往平淡无奇;而未来,却一直是彩色的。(轩尼诗酒)Ask for more.盼望无限。(百事)Let's make things better.让我们做得更好。

(飞利浦电子)Buy Australia, Buy you a job.买澳大利亚货,给你买份事情。(澳大利亚)Time is what you make of it.(Swatch)天长地久。

(斯沃奇手表)Make yourself heard.(Ericsson)明白就是相同。(爱立信)Engineered to move the human spirit.(Mercedes-Benz)人类精神的动力。(梅塞德斯-疾驰)Fresh-up with Seven-up.(Seven-up)提神醒脑,喝七喜。

(七喜)Connecting People.(Nokia)科技以人为本。(诺基亚)For the Road Ahead.(Honda)康庄大道。

(本田)The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.(Lexus)追求完美永无止境。(凌志汽车)Communication unlimited.(Motorola)相同无极限。(摩托罗拉)Focus on life.(Olympus)瞄准生活。

(奥林巴斯)World in hand , Soul in Cyber. (Microsoft)掌中乾坤, 梦之灵魂。(微软)All your imaginations can be created.(Dell)一切依你而为。(戴尔电脑)In Search of Excellence. (Buick)志在千里! (别克轿车)Obey your thirst.听从你的盼望。

(雪碧)Construction is solidified art, Art is flowing Construction.修建是凝固的艺术,艺术是流动的修建。(艺术修建)It‘s not enough that we do our best, we have to do what’s required.人尽其力,力尽其能。(荣威轿车)In the Company of Masters尊朱紫生 大师随行。(奥迪A8)Accuracy makes brand . (Suzuki)精准缔造品牌。

(铃木)At the heart of the image (Nikon)影像 . 从心。(尼康)Romance in heart (Borel)浪漫在心。(瑞士依波路表)Great historic Capital by bright generation by generation.(Beijing)千古京都,代代美丽!(北京)Take Toshiba ,take the world.(Toshiba)拥有东芝,拥有世界。

(东芝)No business too small, no problem too big.(IBM)没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。(IBM)Play part in History到场历史。(1984洛杉矶)Harmony and Progress和谐、进步。

(1988汉城)Friends for life永远的朋侪。(1992巴塞罗那)The celebration of the century世纪庆典。(1996亚特兰大)From around the world to flower as one让世界凝聚成一朵花。(1998长野)Share the spirit分享奥林匹克精神。

(2000悉尼)Light the fire within点燃心中之火。(2002盐湖城)Welcome Home接待回家 (2004雅典)An Ever Burning Flame永不熄灭的火焰。(2006年都灵)One World One Dream同一个世界、同一个梦想。

(2008北京)From zero to hero.(the mask)从0到英雄。(变相怪杰)Double incomes no kids.(Dink)无孩伉俪。(丁克)The Power of Dreams (HONDA)梦的气力 (本田)To love and to be loved is the greatest happiness of life.(Happiness)爱与被爱是人生至福。(福)Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, and therefore IS winged Cupid painted blind. (Cupid)恋爱不用眼睛而用心灵去看,所以长着翅膀的爱神丘比特被画成瞎子。

(丘比特)To care for wisdom and truth and improvement of the soul is far better than to seek money and honour and reputation. (Socrates)追名逐利,贪图款项远不如探求真知,修身洁行。(苏格拉底)NBA以前的宣传语:i love this game;现在是——where amazing happens.Crazy Skiing, Freezing 2008 (LianHua Ski Area)疯滑雪跃,感冻08。(莲花山雪场)The Sweetest City of China ———(Wuxi China)中国最甜蜜的都会———(无锡)Obey your thirst.(sprite)听从你的盼望。(雪碧)Just do it.(nike)只管去做。

(耐克运动鞋 )Intelligence everywhere.(moto)智慧演绎无处不在。(摩托罗拉手机)The choice of a new generation.(pepsi)新一代的选择。(百事可乐)beauty is the gift(Lancome)漂亮献礼。(兰蔻)imagination is more important than knowledge(Einstein)想象重于知识。


(爱因斯坦)Wall Street,flowers'trick (Madoff)华尔街,花儿谢。(麦道夫)I'm on my way (CHEVROLET)体现由我。

(雪佛兰)Elegance is an attitude (Longines)优态雅度。(浪琴)Century Singer from China———(Teresa Teng)韵美日华,芳流世纪。

———百年歌星(邓丽君)build your dreams.(BYD)建设你的梦想。----(比亚迪)Power comes out of Gun while History is made up with Pen(Mao-Brush)枪杆子内里出政权,笔杆子上面写春秋。

-----毛笔(中国特产)China Railways High-speed,a moving Great Wall in the world! ( CRH )中国高铁,世界奇迹! (中国高铁)银川市海派英语培训学校地址:银川市金凤区瑞银财富中心B座18楼。



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